Mud is thicker than water

Whether it’s an emergency or precautionary drainage and cleaning, Marquis provides various effective suction vehicles depending on the local situation and requirement. From suction trailers to the suction/rinsing truck and special vehicle for mobile treatment of liquid waste. The professional maintenance of separation systems such as grease separators, mineral oil separators, small sewage treatment plants or paint separators is in professional hands at Marquis.

  • Rainwater retention basins
  • Rroof water collectors
  • drainage shafts and soakaways
  • ponds, pools, biotopes
  • grease separators
  • cesspits
  • drilling mud 


So that not everything goes down the drain

The professional disposal of special waste water and mud is an important factor in environmental protection. Professional environmental management prevents soil and waste water contamination under any circumstances. As an effective specialist disposal firm, we advise and relieve the burden on private individuals, companies and municipalities in these matters.

Small rinser with suction trailer Download Info-Folder (PDF)



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