Draining manholes with the latest suction recycling vehicles


The Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU) and the Basel Land Agency for Environmental Protection (AUE BL) have created new guidelines for draining manholes. The new guidelines state that the drainage of manholes may not release any contaminated backwash water into the drains. This means that the mud collectors must be emptied using officially authorised suction recycling vehicles. The official authorisations must be issued by the relevant cantons in which such recycling suction work is performed. As an innovative company, Marquis AG started constructing its own suction recycling vehicle many years ago. These special vehicles, which were specifically developed for the requirements of the Swiss market, can be used to drain mud on site, recycle the water and dispose of the reduced volume mud in an environmentally-friendly manner. We currently deploy four MAK (mobile separator clarification and conditioning) recycling vehicles and a copper recycling vehicle when working for cantons and municipalities.


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