The fastest tunnel cleaning vehicle in Switzerland!

A special vehicle, Marquis Futura 3000/2

Some of the leachate in the Gotthard-Basis tunnel is calcareous. The drainage pipes must therefore be cleaned regularly to prevent them becoming blocked.

Accepting a challenge repeatedly means making investments. Our vehicle fleet is now highly specialised. For cleaning the basis tunnel, we arranged for a special, multi-functional cleaning vehicle to be built that can be used on both rails and tyres. As well as the motor for use on roads, this machine also has a separate chassis for use on rails. It has been approved as a rail vehicle.

>> The video....our Marquis Futura 3000/2 at full speed on the rails










 Marquis AG was called upon to clean the NEAT tunnel


The opening of the NEAT tunnel was the construction highlight of 2010 in Switzerland. The longest tunnel in the world must be cleaned and maintained before the first trains travel through it in 2017. Our company was awarded the contract to perform this work. A first-class long-term project for us.

>>Find out in more in the Cash TV report.......from position 15:12!

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