For protective cleaning around the house

 Our vehicles operate the cleaning devices and supply them with water under high pressure. We use them to clear algae or moss and other deposits from terraces, paths, walls or even swimming pools in no time. Upon request, we will also seal the surfaces after cleaning them. We use:

  • Plate cleaning machines with or without suction devices for protective cleaning around the house. Wash width up to 1.2 metres.
  • Hand lances, hand cleaners up to 50 Bar pressure and various nozzle heads (rotating nozzles)

Areas of applications

  • Interlocking paving stone areas
  • Natural stone and artificial stone slabs
  • Natural stone and asphalt coverings
  • Concrete or natural stone walls
  • Roofs, swimming pools, garages, garage forecourts
  • Terraces and much more


Surface cleaning Download Info-Folder (PDF) 




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