Sewer clean-up via the "inliner process"

Water is an elementary natural resource and an indispensable foundation for life. It is therefore necessary to protect ground and surface water in a sustainable manner. That is why Art. 13 of the Swiss Regulation on Water Protection obliges owners of sewage pipes to apply the necessary care when undertaking measures that could have an impact on a body of water, to avoid any detrimental changes in the characteristics of the water. Sewage systems, also including private sewage pipes, must therefore be created, operated and maintained in accordance with generally acknowledged technical rules. This ultimately means that a sewage pipe must be watertight and not display any signs of damage.

Together with our sister company, Aquatec Kanalsanierungen AGwe can take on the entire clean-up planning process for you – from an analysis of your needs through to the issue of the certificate. 


Our services

  • Condition assessment
  • Sewer cleaning with TV recording
  • Creation of a clean-up plan
  • Cost estimate, offer
  • Coordination, planning and clean-up
  • Leakage test with report and certificate


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