A calculable risk – to keep you as a homeowner on the safe side

Were your sewage pipes last cleaned more than 5 years ago? Is your drain making gurgling noises? Do you want to prevent unnecessary emergency call-outs?

An inventory check will give you a fast overview of the condition of your sewage pipes. An imminent blockage can thus be prevented in time.
Fewer pipeline gradients in concrete surfaces, WC systems with water saving buttons or strong rainfall are just a few reasons for your sewage pipes coming under increasing strain. It therefore makes sense to check the sewage pipes in your building regularly. This can prevent blockages, ensure effective functioning and extend the life of your sewage pipes.

Therefore: regular control and cleaning!

Our specialists check your sewage pipes, show you on the spot the current degree of contamination and, if necessary, prepare an offer for the clean-up work.

In the house; sink, WC, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, floor drain, delivery pipe etc.
Around the house; gutters, shafts, sewers, seepage pipes, drains, mud separators, manholes etc.


Leaflet on risk levels of house sewage systems



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