Our company history



Hard work, hardship, inventiveness, courage and enthusiasm for work characterised the first 12 years of the haulier Guido Marquis who, after delivering gravel for the motorway, cleaning sewers and opening a disposal facility, grew into a young entrepreneur and introduced his fourth rinsing vehicle in 1980.



The existing activities were continually developed and truck nos. 5 and 6 were added to the fleet. With more than 20 employees, G. Marquis AG was also deployed during the Sandoz fire and again displayed the company’s efficiency, flexibility and innovation. The 2nd generation came into business in 1990.



The 30-year anniversary of the company was marked with a new logo. Green, “Marquis environmental protection”! The company was reorganised, the trough and composting business was sold. On 7th July 1995, the entire freshly renovated disposal facility was destroyed by a fire, rebuilt through collective work and relaunched on 12th September 1997.  At the same time, the reins of the 30-man G. Marquis AG were handed over to his son Andreas Marquis and his wife Beatrix. At the start of the new millennium, business started in Reinach with 20 people under the name A-Z Marquis AG.



Marquis AG started the new century by expanding into the Mittelland region, developing a mobile separator clarification system, and evaluating the site for a central operating complex. Clearex Schweiz AG and Aquatec Kanalsanierungen extended the business field of the Marquis Group from 2007/2008. On 9th April 2010, Marquis AG celebrated laying the foundation for its new head address in Füllinsdorf. In the same year, the company was awarded the contract for cleaning the Neat tunnel with a contract volume of 10 million Swiss Francs.



The Marquis Group is today a significant company with around 100 employees. In recognition of what it has achieved so far, and certainly also for its commitment to market innovation, Marquis AG was awarded third place in the SVC Northern Switzerland competition at the end of 2013. 

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